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Ursus is a nationwide company that finds creative solutions to complex problems that affect major institutions, as well as entire industries. We specialize in mortgage loan defects, with specific emphases on title, compliance, regulatory and litigation resolutions. This allows us to offer our clients customized solutions to fix the problems that impact their returns.


The company was created by mortgage, title, legal and technology professionals with intentions of being a nimble and unique entrepreneurial company that is able to flex with the ever-changing mortgage environment. We deliver fast, measurable and cost-effective solutions to cure the issues that keep a loan from being marketable or enforceable. 


Real estate title problems are very common, arising in more than 25% of residential transactions nationwide. Ensuring clear property title is essential in order to legally transfer property ownership.

Common title issues include:​


  • Unknown liens on title

  • Improper or missing transfer documents on title

  • Faulty paperwork during or after the closing of a transaction

  • Undiscovered easements or boundary disputes

Ursus provides cost-effective title solutions on a national scope to banks, servicers, credit unions, owners, investors, buyers and sellers. Title companies may clear easy title problems, then the more complex issues are assigned to hourly law firms, creating a lengthy and expensive process. Ursus accomplishes all title resolutions in-house, offering a flat fee curative pricing, based on the complexity of the title issue – a fee that is not paid until the resolution is complete. Ursus’ legal and title curative team is under one roof, ensuring consistency and predictability of service and cost.


OVER 100,000+

title issues resolved nationwide